We are a unique little company. After years of composing for other large libraries, we decided to channel our creative juices to one intentional and beautiful place, Pleasant Pictures Music Club.
As seasoned composers we keep our ear to the ground to see what videographers/filmmakers would LOVE to use in their projects. We then get to work stacking our library with music we LOVE making.
Welcome to the library with zero fluff.
Zero Fluff
PPMC is stacked with carefully curated tracks that you'd want to put on your own playlist. You won't waste time looking through fluff—we don't have any.
Always Keeps It Fresh
By joining our club you will not only have access to our collection whenever you need it, but we are consistently working on new content and anticipate what you will need in the future.
Edits for Days
We understand how the world works and have created 90, 60, 30, 15 and 6 second edits in both WAV and MP3 for EVERY song so you can drag and drop our tracks into your projects.

Meet the Team

Stuart Maxfield
Stuart Maxfield is a songwriter, composer, and performing artist in Fictionist and S2_COOL. Fictionist has toured with Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, Coin, Walk the Moon and Vampire Weekend. S2_COOL has featured with Kaskade, and Mr. Tape. Stuart has composed for Apple, MTV, NFL, NHL, Syfy, Univision, History, Discovery France, Lifetime, HGTV and international film. He lives with his wife and two sons in Springville, Utah.
Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson is a Billboard charting producer and composer. His main passion is composing for motion picture and documentaries. He has composed for Tesla, Lagoon, Reebok, Studio C, West Elm, Digitech, Wendy’s, and network television. His band New Shack has had placements on MTV and Bravo. He’s an avid collector of vintage analog synths and resides in Provo, Utah with his hot wife and three kids.